July 27, 2005

It's All About The Chair

Funny how it works... you get an idea on something to blog about, sit down at the computer, and go blank. Another great idea, potentially world changing, is gone. Never to be seen again. You suffer, and know that the world is also going to suffer from lack of your brilliance. Fortunately for them, they'll never know... at least not until someone blogs about it.

I'm thinking in my case, it's the chair. My desk chair is dead, and it knows it. However, it hasn't broken and fallen over, yet, so I try to milk another week's service from it. I may be stifling my creativity.

Over the weekend, I sat in an ambassador's chair. Immediately, ideas poured into my head, and I heard angelic hosts singing. I stood up, and they were gone. I now know how the man writes so well. The Chair.

I'm thinking I should get me a cathedra. I may have to lift it from a church, but imagine the posts that it may inspire!

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