July 29, 2005


You may have been wondering what my "Just Checking Something Out" post was all about. Though I'm sure most of you have figured it out, it was a response to this post from Harvey.

In it, he says:

"With a well thought out post, you may raise responses in your readers' heads, but then you cover those points, so there's nothing left to say but "nice post", which is too lame to leave as a comment.

With a two-line throwaway, the responses aren't addressed, so your readers leave them as comments.

The less YOU say, the more you leave for your readers to say."

I figured "bullshit." I'll give you the absolute minimum, and see where you go from there. I didn't expect to get this many comments. It is less than Harvey, but then you start to figuring; as of this moment, he's got 13 comments off of his post, and I've got 10. He gets around 530 hits a day, and I average around 90-95. So that means that Harvey got about 2.5% of his visitors to leave a comment, whereas I had roughly 10.5% of mine leaving comments.

So this actually does prove him correct, as my ratio of comments to visitors on stupid posts far surpassed his. However, I think it has nothing to do with this at all. My readers like me a hell of a lot more than Harvey's like him. And I think Harvey's number of stupid posts far surpasses mine. Heheh.....

Seriously, I think it's pretty true as to the well written posts. Example (one of many): Teresa of Technicalities. Always has well written posts, yet hardly any comments. I sometimes wonder why, but then I realize that I myself haven't left a comment. Hardly seems fair for someone to work so hard, and get no acknowledgement.

Oh, well. I won't complain. As long as you all have fun reading my inane posts, and others' comments, things are cool. It's all about the fun!

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