July 31, 2005


Last night, we started off with a sort of mini-meet. Contagion, Anathematized, Tammi, and introducing Ktreva, Contagion's wife. I was very glad to meet her, and she was a blast to talk with... if you could ever manage to talk over the "shy" one.

Tammi went to work right away trying to pick up one of the locals even though I tried to warn her. Actually, I probably seemed like a dick, because I've talked with the dude before, and while he's strange, he's not bad to talk to for a couple of seconds. But he has a tendency to fall in love with whatever woman makes eye contact with him. So I yelled, "Don't do it," and even HE heard me. Tammi just waved me off and said something about ruining it for her. Okay, not really. But he did hear me.

Had a great dinner, great conversation with great people, even Contagion, and a couple of drinks. Did a couple of shots of Jameson, with Contagion in between our three drinks, getting him to finally open up and start talking. Then he had to call Bou, who we found out was ten sheets to the wind. That was the report, I'm not making it up.

Anathematized was trying to tell me about setting up my new blog and trying to answer questions, but I tell you... being a techno tard, what made sense last night, has just faded today. Heheh... at least she got to talk to me!

One of the locals (Fritz's daughter) thought I should entertain the rest of the group, so we "arranged" to have her pull my chair out from under me as I tried to sit down. It was a smashing success, and a good laugh was had by all. Once again, I had to save the day!

I also had to defend my drink of choice for the evening. Gin and tonic. I've never liked the stuff until my visit to Eric's, where I discovered that once mixed with tonic, the evergreen flavor is almost gone. It's light, refreshing, and if you should happen to ralph it up, you can save it and scrub floors!

Finally made it home, where ironically, I had a couple of Riggwelters. (You have to scroll down a little to find the description.) A delicious, dark, Yorkshire ale. I say ironically, because of the name. Riggwelter: from the Old Norse; rygg - back, and velte - to overturn. When a sheep is on it's back and cannot get up without help, local dales dialect says it's rigged, or riggwelted. Of course, on this side of the pond, one would say that it is Harveyed. But I'm drifting.

As I mentioned in the post below, I ended up falling out of my chair while trying to type and read. Wish I could see some video of me... I know I was laughing my ass off over some of my comments. Which today look stupid as hell. Fairly usual, I might say. Anyway, got laughing so hard, I hit the floor. However, I was able to regain an upright position without any help.

Today, I have to tell you that I feel cheated. For I have not a bit of a hangover. All that work, and no suffering... how lucky can I get!

It was a great time, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

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