September 04, 2005

Kennedy Hill

There's a tale around here of a ghost who wanders Kennedy Hill road, north of Byron. Most stories I've heard make her sound like Resurrection Mary, from Chicagoland. I do remember hearing about her when I was in middle school, a little over 25 years ago. Then, I heard she was a woman in white, dressed in flimsy clothes... in the middle of winter. A car stopped to pick her up, she got in, then disappeared. But, that was told by kids, to a kid. I didn't really believe it.

A few years ago, I was looking for a house to rent. Back in the woods off of Kennedy Hill, there is a huge house, with different drives coming into it. At each drive, is a house for the gatekeeper. I was checking into renting one of them. That's when I was reacquainted with the ghost.

A co-worker was trying to help me find a place, and when I mentioned that, he was genuinely concerned. "That stretch of road is haunted," he said. "There's a ghost of a woman that's been seen right there." I laughingly teased him about it, and got the usual suggestion that I perform an impossible act with myself. I also mentioned it to another friend who'd lived in Stillman Valley for over 40 years. She wasn't as concerned, but she did make sure that I knew about the ghost.

I don't really believe any of this. I do believe in ghosts, but I think this is just a variation of the vanishing hitchhiker urban legend. Looking it up, I only found one mention of her, and that was one sentence, found early on in this piece. She could be real... and that would rock. But I'm thinking it's a load of crap.

HOWEVER, I drive through that area quite often, and mostly late at night. And I can't help but wonder a bit. Part of me would really love to see a ghost, while another tells me that should I ever get to witness one, I'll be changing my shorts afterwards... shortly after I make a new doorway in the nearest wall.

I drove through last night on the bike, and that thought came again. It can be an eerie area, especially this time of year. Deer run through there all of the time... some big ones. And knowing that, as you drive, it appears things are moving alongside the road. Of course, it's just you being overly cautious, but it can make things seem creepy.

I'd like to think that were I ever to see her, I'd pull over and offer a ride... just to see what would happen. But reality suggests that I would give the engine what gas I could, and be out of there like a flash.

What would you do?

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