September 08, 2005

A Tardsday Letter

Dear Fellow Drivers,

I am a good driver; do not debate me on this fact.

I am a cautious driver; I have never been in an accident, 'though I have narrowly missed quite a few. I've seen them happen all around me, yet, my skills keep me safe.

If 55 is a safe speed limit, 45 should realistically be safer... right?

I keep an eye out for my fellow drivers (you); if I deem a situation potentially unsafe, I will intervene. If a car tries to pass me on a narrow country road, I will kindly drift over to block their pass, unless I approve the distance in view as "appropriate."

On the interstate, I set my cruise at 67 and get into the fast lane so that drivers with speedometers that may be off will be able to maintain a safe speed.

All that I do is for others, and yet, a one fingered salute from them to me is not uncommon. Often, they yell something about 'A show.' I don't understand this lack of appreciation.

I, my friends, am the reason you can celebrate Tardsday, and still... no thanks. Please folks, just a simple nod will do.


Your Protector,

L. Tardo

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