September 10, 2005

Straight White Blog Birthday

Many moons ago, before time could be counted... ah, shit... I guess it was last year. Anyway, at a comment party at Madfish's, I ran into some guy named Eric... of Straight White Guy. I went over to his blog, saw the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, and knew this was one cool cat.

I've been stopping in almost every day since then, with a couple of exceptions. I go there for the stories, his posts about music, and his observations... as Jim from Parkway Rest Stop says, ""Eric can write beautifully about "nothing" better than anyone." The man is a great story teller and writer... and should you ever get to meet him, you'll discover that he is a great human bean. I'm just not sure what kind.

Anyway, he's celebrating his second birthday/blogiversary whatchamathingie today, and he'd like to say "thanks" to us. We should be thanking him. Make sure you stop by and thank the lad.

*raises bottle* Thanks to you, my friend!

Okay, Eric... where's my bottle of Sapphire?

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